We’re down to earth, approachable, and easy to work with. Our design work covers a broad range: from classy corporate sites, to wild and funky personal sites for artists, to non-profit organization sites.

We don’t fall for the buzz words. Twitter is a useful service, but isn’t right for all situations. Flash can create wonderful visuals, but may destroy usability if applied too liberally. We don’t jump on bandwagons; we build the wagon that’s right for you!

Search Engine Optimization: SEO. We offer SEO that is integrated into the development cycle. Why pay some random SEO company to come in after the fact and change the site you just completed? Our detailed knowledge of SEO allows us to “get it right the first time”, and save you money.


Brian K. Johnson has been creating interactive media since 1991. Even before the web existed, he saw the potential in digital media, creating informational products back when you had to “snail mail” a floppy disk. Prior to that, he spent seven years in traditional print-based design, and occasionally still dabbles in that quaint medium for a few favored clients.

Claudia Bertoli

Associate Developer for Quality Assurance

Claudia Bertoli has an incredible focus and attention to detail, and frequently catches the client’s own inconsistencies, gently pointing them out and resolving them before a website goes live. She is also quite handy at diving into any particular content management system and pushing it to the limit.