client help

Below are a few useful tips and links for clients.

  • Host recommendation
    Basically, any host may go bad on you at some point, no matter what! That being said, our current favorite: CanvasHost. It’s on the west coast, uses wind-generated electricity, offers fairly personalized service, and seems to have very fast servers.
  • WordPress hosting
    If you want really fast WordPress-only hosting:

    • If do not need email,¬†choose (downside is they do not do email). Choose the “Personal Plan” if you are a small business without much anticipated traffic.
  • E-commerce recommendation
    If you’re just doing a basic shop, yet need some design customization, has a great setup, and we can craft a template that works for you. Shopify also has some limited CMS/blogging functionality. (But if you need something more complex with custom features, WooCommerce¬†is generally the way to go.)
  • How to clear your cache
    When previewing your site during development, sometimes you may need to clear your browser’s cache, which may contain old information.
  • Make a screen shot
    Sometimes, if you see something weird on your computer but we can’t see it here, it’s helpful to make a screen shot of the active window.
    In Windows, it’s pretty easy: Press the PRINT SCREEN key on the keyboard, and then go into Word or a graphics program and PASTE.
  • Search Engine Optimization: The Basics
    Have good content and lots of links TO your site from other sites.
  • Security Scanning
    If you want the ultimate in security scanning, try