A nationally broadcast public radio program, “Humankind” by David Freudberg covers a wide range of topics, from human interest stories to interviews with spiritual leaders. We customized the layout and functionality of an open-source e-commerce platform to deliver online samples of from the 200+ program library.

What’s for sale? Full episodes in MP3-download or CD format. Freebies include a podcast (featured on iTunes), and a special audio player with a different program every week.

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Easy to find! This is also an excellent study in search engine optimization. Search for “humankind” in Google, and this site is number one. We accomplished this by making sure there is great text content for searching, and the pages also have relevant META tags.

We have also helped Humanmedia staff reach out to public radio stations, providing links and logos to generate traffic to the site, and many of the pages have links from the site to useful information about the program topics. Google Analytics tweaking has resulted in a significant drop in the bounce rate.