Newbury Street Boston

Working with Adams Design, we developed a mobile-friendly portal site for the shops along Newbury Street, Boston.

Using our proprietary Chamber Directory plugin, it’s a snap to add new entries to the database.

One key deliverable is a map that shows the location of each business. However, a difficulty existed: how to show which business are “upstairs” and which are “downstairs”? That is, the unique nature of Newbury Street defies the “normal” one-address-one-business expectation, so it’s very hard to accurately portray two businesses that share the same address. Inspired by the Boston T map, we “stretched” the geography of Newbury Street so that we could give a reasonable approximation of each shop’s “up” or “down” location. All of the locations are color-coded per category, and there is a keyword search available to make it easy to find anything.