Miscellaneous bits of news

  • WordPress 5.0 changes
    —The soon-to-be-released version 5.0 of WordPress will include a dramatic new change to the editor, using a “block” metaphor more akin to a layout program, than the classic editor that resembles MS-Word. For better or worse, it is apparently here to stay. As a general policy, for all of our clients we are disabling the…
  • Gutenberg Tshirt
    —If you’re interested in a Tshirt promoting Gutenberg as a plugin, visit
  • Unusual traffic from Boardman?
    —Several clients have noticed traffic from “Boardman,” which is a town in Oregon  (population: 3000 or so). This is probably bogus traffic from some “black hat” SEO vendors, whose goal is difficult to discern. Or, it could be from Amazon, depending on who you ask. The fact that there is an Amazon data center there…
  • What’s the big deal about HTTPS?
    —Google is now giving preference to websites who use a SSL certificate. You can tell if your site is secure when you see the HTTPS protocol in your browser’s location field, and confirmation is usually provided by the browser with a little “lock” icon. This means that any form submissions are sent securely. For most…
  • WordPress Upgrade: 4.8
    —Improvements include more security, a better text editor, widget updates, and cool stuff under the hood you probably won’t care about. Here are the highlights that will interest most of our clients: 1. More security: As ever, the WordPress team has tightened up security, keeping a step ahead of the hackers. 2. The notable text editor…
  • Move!
    —New Address: 214 Commercial Street Suite 200 Malden, MA 02148
  • WordPress 4.7 News
    —WordPress 4.7 has hundreds of changes, many related to things that the average user won’t care about. Here are five things you probably need to know: 1. Post Editor elements are moved around: Before, the Style popup was on the second row of icons: Now it’s moved to the top row. Also notice the strikethrough and the horizontal…
  • Speaker at Boston WordPress Meetup
    —BKJ presented an overview of a few favorite plugins, including Yoast SEO, ContactForm 7 (and its helpers), and a few dealing with how to make life easier for your user. You can find a list of BKJ’s favorites at At the Meetup, we asked members to jot down their favorite plugins. Here’s what they…
  • Domain disabled by ICAAN?
    —You must verify your ownership of a domain, or your host may disable your website.