Miscellaneous bits of news

  • What’s the big deal about HTTPS?
    —Google is now giving preference to websites who use a SSL certificate. You can tell if your site is secure when you see the HTTPS protocol in your browser’s location field, and confirmation is usually provided by the browser with a little “lock” icon. This means that any form submissions are sent securely. For most…
  • WordPress Upgrade: 4.8
    —Improvements include more security, a better text editor, widget updates, and cool stuff under the hood you probably won’t care about. Here are the highlights that will interest most of our clients: 1. More security: As ever, the WordPress team has tightened up security, keeping a step ahead of the hackers. 2. The notable text editor…
  • Move!
    —New Address: 214 Commercial Street Suite 200 Malden, MA 02148
  • WordPress 4.7 News
    —WordPress 4.7 has hundreds of changes, many related to things that the average user won’t care about. Here are five things you probably need to know: 1. Post Editor elements are moved around: Before, the Style popup was on the second row of icons: Now it’s moved to the top row. Also notice the strikethrough and the horizontal…
  • Speaker at Boston WordPress Meetup
    —BKJ presented an overview of a few favorite plugins, including Yoast SEO, ContactForm 7 (and its helpers), and a few dealing with how to make life easier for your user. You can find a list of BKJ’s favorites at At the Meetup, we asked members to jot down their favorite plugins. Here’s what they…
  • Domain disabled by ICAAN?
    —You must verify your ownership of a domain, or your host may disable your website.