An application on a desktop computer is easy to define: it’s any program you install and run. For websites, the term is a bit subtle. Basically, when a website is more useful for its functionality, rather than for its written content, it is often called a “web application.” Sometimes you need a tractor trailer: For the Kensington Investment Company, we created an application that allows tenants to submit maintenance requests, which are then automatically emailed to the tech team member’s Blackberry! The system also includes custom reporting, useful for upper management to get a quick visual graph of what is going on.

Bose Ad Source Browser

Working with Acme Digital Labs, BKJ Productions designed an interface to display a set of several hundred marketing photos for Bose distributors. This project actually ships on a 2-CD-ROM set, but for a demo, we’ve included the interface from Disc 1. We set this up so it would require no software installation– the entire application was written in Javascript.


We created a custom web application for Kensington Investment Company. KICticket is a building maintenance system, including custom reports and Blackberry integration. Development was relatively quick– two months– and quite painless, as we were able to work directly with the end-users of the system and customize it specifically for their needs. Ongoing maintenance for the system has resulted in several interface enhancements, without any down time.