Branding seems to be a buzzword these days, yet there are many different meanings for it, depending on who’s bandying it about. To us, it means taking extreme care to follow graphic standards guidelines, working with the marketing department and original designer of the company brand and logo.

Fan Pier Boston

Extraordinary, exquisite, and polished!

Boston’s New Waterfront

Over the past few years, the Boston waterfront has changed dramatically. Over eighteen years ago, when BKJ Productions headquarters were located at the Boston Design Center, the area was an urban wasteland of barren parking lots and suspicious mountains of snow.

Bose Ad Source Browser

Working with Acme Digital Labs, BKJ Productions designed an interface to display a set of several hundred marketing photos for Bose distributors. This project actually ships on a 2-CD-ROM set, but for a demo, we’ve included the interface from Disc 1. We set this up so it would require no software installation– the entire application was written in Javascript.

Residences at the InterContinental

This high-profile, luxury condominium and hotel sought the talents of Adams Design to showcase their unique location (Boston waterfront) and concierge services. We, in turn, helped create a website that brought the branding vision to life.