Flash can be used to create complex and interactive animations, and deployment on the web is quite reliable, due to the huge installed base of the plugin for most computers. Some developers prefer to make entire sites in Flash, but we usually avoid that trap– Flash sites can’t be indexed by search engines without taking extra special steps during development, and the iPhone (a growing market share) can’t display Flash at all! We use Flash for animation, and for complex widgets that can’t be produced through alternative means.

The Waterfront Collection

Creating a classy portal site for a trio of hotels near the Boston Convention Center, Adams Design hired us to handle the details. We used our favorite CMS so that search engine optimization is practically built in. It’s easy for the client to modify, and as time goes on, the various tags that search engines seek can be tweaked for optimum results.

The Penmark

Real estate development in Boston. Including Flash logo animation, basic information, floor plans, contact form, etc. (Designed with Adams Design.)

Cedarmere Cohassett

“A soft-spoken development that honors the beauty of its natural surroundings,” Cedarmere Cohassett needed a website that fell in line with that philosophy. Working with Adams Design, we created a site that was easy to use, with appropriate use of Flash for a tasteful design accent.

The 1850

Old, but not quaint! An historic South End factory, full of character, and fully sold out– thanks, in part, no doubt, to a spiffy website created in conjunction with Adams Design. This Flash-based site uses a few clever techniques to keep its listing in Google, at the same time complying with SEO guidelines. Our “QuickFix” editor allows for easy text edits.


BatteryWharf.com, a lush, visually appealing real estate development on Boston’s waterfront. Visual design by Adams Design, this site features a convenient way to review floor plans. Learn something new every day: Because it’s a new development, it’s not yet on Google Maps, so we had to add it using an overlay.

The Bryant on Columbus

“The Bryant is more than quality; it’s distinction.” So begins the website for The Bryant on Columbus, a high-profile real estate development in Boston, and with these words in mind, we created the lush, sophisticated environment per the exquisite marketing and branding by Adams Design.

Highland Meadows Weston

We created a nifty interactive site plan map that shows what homes are available. To update, we simply upload a spreadsheet of the models. Some scripting in Flash does the rest, linking pictures to PDFs, related homes to each other, showing sold vs. available, views from the property, and much more.

360 Newbury

Working with Adams Design, we helped realize the “total” 360° vision of the marketing. A relatively simple site, easy to navigate, with appropriate use of Flash animations to accent the text.