There are many software packages that purport to “do it all”, but we have yet to find one that actually does. In our experience, real world web design involves finding all the necessary pieces and then getting them to play nicely with each other. For example, managing images on the web can be particularly daunting for the lay person, and so we often install SlideShowPro Director for our clients. Both Adams Design and Shibui Designs Ltd. use this software, but you won’t see the standard SlideShowPro widget anywhere on those sites, because it didn’t fit with their design. We used the software’s strengths, and built custom code to work around its weaknesses. That’s what we mean by “integration.”

Life&Health Advisor

At, we integrated a significant amount of useful content into a re-designed site that is both visually appealing and manageable. Prior to our work, the site was maintained with traditional HTML editing tools and required hours of work; making links to new pages was quite tedious.

Adams Design

Adams Design, one of Boston’s premier design firms, needed a website as spectacular as their work. We used jQuery’s AJAX and animation capabilities to deliver a smooth and polished user interface.