Javascript is the language of the browser. Highly functional sites like Gmail or Facebook rely heavily on javascript to make elements on the page appear, change color, and move around (just to name a few uses). We use javascript to create a more lively user experience. Where accessibility is crucial, we use “progressive enhancement” techniques to ensure that even users without javascript enabled can still use the site.

Bose Ad Source Browser

Working with Acme Digital Labs, BKJ Productions designed an interface to display a set of several hundred marketing photos for Bose distributors. This project actually ships on a 2-CD-ROM set, but for a demo, we’ve included the interface from Disc 1. We set this up so it would require no software installation– the entire application was written in Javascript.

Residences at the InterContinental

This high-profile, luxury condominium and hotel sought the talents of Adams Design to showcase their unique location (Boston waterfront) and concierge services. We, in turn, helped create a website that brought the branding vision to life.

The Penmark

Real estate development in Boston. Including Flash logo animation, basic information, floor plans, contact form, etc. (Designed with Adams Design.)