portal site

These websites are great for SEO– Google looks to them as a guide as to what’s valuable to bother indexing.
If you make your information easy to find and relevant for your customers, they’ll stay for longer, view more pages, and perhaps even return. We have developed a proprietary plugin for WordPress that will allow any organization, large or small, to quickly and easily list their members–each with a unique and potentially customizable page.

Newbury Street Boston

Working with Adams Design, we developed a mobile-friendly portal site for the shops along Newbury Street, Boston.

Kennebec Global

When BrandEquity International came up with the identity for a new financial services company, BKJ Productions was tapped to help translate the simple, clean design into a workable portal website.

Boston’s New Waterfront

Over the past few years, the Boston waterfront has changed dramatically. Over eighteen years ago, when BKJ Productions headquarters were located at the Boston Design Center, the area was an urban wasteland of barren parking lots and suspicious mountains of snow.

The Waterfront Collection

Creating a classy portal site for a trio of hotels near the Boston Convention Center, Adams Design hired us to handle the details. We used our favorite CMS so that search engine optimization is practically built in. It’s easy for the client to modify, and as time goes on, the various tags that search engines seek can be tweaked for optimum results.