quickfix editor

For some websites that are not database-driven, we have developed a really handy tool, the “QuickFix Editor.” It allows someone with minimal skill level to make text edits on a pre-defined area of a page, which prevents any sort of “design drift” or broken layout.

Conference Hotels

Conference Hotels Unlimited helps event coordinators find the right facilities to fit their needs. We created a website that can be easily updated, using our proprietary QuickFix Editor. Site design: Big Attic Creative, Maine.

Bell Tower Place

When local realtors John Petrowsky and Christian Jones needed an online brochure for a church-gone-condo, where else to turn but BKJ Productions? With our extensive background in managing and designing such websites, we were able to create an attractive, functional marketing tool that has helped sell five of the nine units in record time. Includes a link to a Youtube video, slideshows of interiors, and an interactive map of relevant information nearby.


BatteryWharf.com, a lush, visually appealing real estate development on Boston’s waterfront. Visual design by Adams Design, this site features a convenient way to review floor plans. Learn something new every day: Because it’s a new development, it’s not yet on Google Maps, so we had to add it using an overlay.

The Bryant on Columbus

“The Bryant is more than quality; it’s distinction.” So begins the website for The Bryant on Columbus, a high-profile real estate development in Boston, and with these words in mind, we created the lush, sophisticated environment per the exquisite marketing and branding by Adams Design.