WordPress is more than a blogging tool– it’s a really great content management system! Seriously. For most small businesses, or even larger ones, it’s a snap for practically anyone on staff to manage a website when it’s powered by WordPress. Extending and customizing it to suit your needs is our forté.

Twenty Two Liberty

Working with one of our favorite branding agencies in Boston, Adams Design, we helped fashion a full-screen “visual extravaganza” for Twenty Liberty, located at Fan Pier.

25 Beacon

Working with the mega-talented Adams Design, we created a stunning brochure website for these six luxury townhouse units at 25 Beacon Street.

Kennebec Global

When BrandEquity International came up with the identity for a new financial services company, BKJ Productions was tapped to help translate the simple, clean design into a workable portal website.

Executive Alliance

BKJ Productions along with designer Diane Astle Bagley created this site to help with Executive Alliance’s business presence to help build their relationships.

Oxbow Partners

For Oxbow Partners, a Massachusetts based real estate development company, we created a beautiful portfolio website, built with Twitter Bootstrap and backed by our favorite CMS.

Intercity Home Care

A brochure website that shows that simple doesn’t have to mean bland!

Fan Pier Boston

Extraordinary, exquisite, and polished!

Nyla McCulloch

For Nyla McCulloch, a Wakefield-based psychotherapist and life coach, we created a basic, low-cost brochure website. The template-based, CMS-backed site includes a graceful and eye-catching home page slideshow, simple and clean navigation, and elements of responsive design.

Life&Health Advisor

At LifeHealth.com, we integrated a significant amount of useful content into a re-designed site that is both visually appealing and manageable. Prior to our work, the site was maintained with traditional HTML editing tools and required hours of work; making links to new pages was quite tedious.


BKJ Productions converted an existing database to a modern, fully functional content management system, revising the design substantially.

Anna Bastian

When a local lawyer wanted to improve her web presence, we were ready, with a cost-effective solution, combining stock and custom imagery for a simple, effective website. Using WordPress as a content management system, it’s easy to update inhouse, and has room to grow.

The Waterfront Collection

Creating a classy portal site for a trio of hotels near the Boston Convention Center, Adams Design hired us to handle the details. We used our favorite CMS so that search engine optimization is practically built in. It’s easy for the client to modify, and as time goes on, the various tags that search engines seek can be tweaked for optimum results.

Adams Design

Adams Design, one of Boston’s premier design firms, needed a website as spectacular as their work. We used jQuery’s AJAX and animation capabilities to deliver a smooth and polished user interface.

Follow Your Art

Follow-Your-Art.com is a site for a local artist’s teaching studio. A relatively simple site, behind the scenes is a powerful but easy-to-use content management system custom tailored to the needs of the artist. The home page automatically shows the two most recent news articles, which helps keep the site fresh and interesting to the visitor. The calendar is easy to update for the site owner.

Springboard Consulting

Springboard Boston is a consulting firm that works with start-up tech companies “to accelerate their growth and value”. They needed a website that was flashy and fun.

Melrose Alliance Against Violence

When the Melrose Alliance Against Violence realized their site was out of date, we helped them convert nearly 100 pages of information over to a new content management system.


The International Association for Religious Freedom, US Chapter, was in need of an easy-to-maintain site at an affordable rate. We set them up with a simple CMS with room for growth, and a clean design.