Time Warner Kiosk

Working with Center Vision, BKJ Productions created an interactive kiosk using MIKO hardware for Time Warner’s prototype store in Rochester, NY.

Located in the “What’s New” section at the front of the store, the kiosk runs non-stop to show the benefits of cellular phones and accessories. Two live-action hosts, Harry and Ellie, lead customers through a series of ten “question” screens to entertain and inform. At the end of the presentation, the customer receives a printout which lists the appropriate phones based on answers, as well as a savings coupon incentive.

DESIGN NOTES. Live action scenes were shot in Boston and New York and, using blue-screen techniques, the actors were placed into hand-drawn animated environments. Such high-level production values combined with a loose, free-flowing design and use of handwritten text make the kiosk more like a TV than a computer.

CREDITS. Producer: Seichi Tsutsumi. Art Director: Brian K. Johnson