We provide soup-to-nuts design and programming for some clients, yet many of our clients are also designers. Our twenty-five-plus years of graphic design experience helps us speak the same language—the resulting code captures the nuances of typography and layout that are essential for a consistent branding image. And we also keep a keen eye out for maintenance and documentation, so that updates are not a hassle.

The web provides organizations and individuals an unprecedented opportunity to communicate their message, but this opportunity comes with unique challenges. No other medium offers such flexibility of display: is your customer using a large monitor, small monitor, does it have sound, how fast is the connection, etc.? In comparison, the early 60’s challenge of developing a television ad that looks good in both color and black and white seems like a trivial task!

Websites are never static for long. Once a site is initially complete, it’s only a matter of time before a change has to be made. For minor changes, it is often cost-prohibitive to call in a designer. Design choices end up being made ad hoc by the developer, and the result is a site that slowly moves away from the brand standard and into chaos. BKJ Productions to the rescue! Not only can we make design recommendations that are parallel to the original design, we can preemptively avoid design options that would be difficult (i.e., costly) to implement.