WordPress 4.7 News

WordPress 4.7 has hundreds of changes, many related to things that the average user won’t care about. Here are five things you probably need to know:

1. Post Editor elements are moved around:

Before, the Style popup was on the second row of icons:

Now it’s moved to the top row. Also notice the strikethrough and the horizontal rule have been moved down to the second row, probably because they’re not used as much.


Also they’ve removed the underline, (which you shouldn’t be using anyway, or if you think you want to, then you may have to edit code <u>like this</u>).

2. Distraction-free writing is better than ever. This lets you hide the rest of the interface so you can focus on writing your content.


3. Search for filename: You would think this would have been there a long time ago, but finally, you can search by filename, such as .jpg.



4. PDF Previews: In theory, you should be able to see the first page of a PDF as a preview icon, rather than a default PDF icon. In our current testing of the Beta version, it’s not working reliably for older PDFs, so your mileage may vary.

5. Youtube/Video Loading: This is really part of WordPress 4.6, but you can easily put in videos now by simply putting in the URL like this, no fancy iframe or other coding required.


which will automatically convert to this:

Bear in mind that your particular site design may do something different than this, and there are coding tweaks we can add to make sure it shows at a certain width. This also works for other video urls like vimeo.com.

And there’s more! Click here for more details than most people want to know.

Why upgrade? 

Security and performance. Because WordPress is used by over 25% of the internet, it can be a favorite target of hackers. The developers of WordPress are constantly making the system more secure, and improving the overall performance. An upgrade is released every two to three months, so we urge all clients to make sure they’re safe and secure with the latest and greatest.