WordPress Upgrade: 4.8

Improvements include more security, a better text editor, widget updates, and cool stuff under the hood you probably won’t care about.

Here are the highlights that will interest most of our clients:

1. More security: As ever, the WordPress team has tightened up security, keeping a step ahead of the hackers.

2. The notable text editor improvement: Better link insertion. (Before, it was possible to have a partial link, as it was difficult to grab the “edge” letters of a link when selecting text.)


3. New widgets: Many of our clients do NOT use widgets, but those who do can now insert images, videos, and audio more easily.

Widget updates

4. Under the hood: There are a host of changes deep within the WordPress base code that are making things work better all around, and some interesting new directions for the editor. Lots of fun geeky code stuff! If you have any questions, give us a call! 781-662-8800.